2-3 November, 2017
22nd International Conference
"Oil & Gas Turkmenistan - OGT 2017"  

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Conference Hall of the Chamber of
Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan


03 July 2017

Seismic exploration: new stage of works

International cooperation in the energy sphere is important aspect of the state policy pursued by the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Projects which are performed in the oil and gas industry together with representatives of a business community of the world, are designed to promote dynamic development of fuel and energy complex of the country, attraction in an industry of modern technologies and additional investments.

The general representative of the "Yug-Neftegaz" company (Singapore) in Turkmenistan Oleksandr Kucheruk tells about joint operation with the Turkmen partners:

– Our company works in Turkmenistan more than 10 years. In November, 2014 the President of Turkmenistan signed the Resolution based on which we signed the contract with the State corporation "Turkmengeology" for carrying out seismic exploration in coastal and transit zones of the Caspian Sea, and also handling and interpretation of the obtained data.

In particular, this field Northern Goturdepe and the central and western sites of the field Goturdepe, adjacent to it, where seismic exploration 3D was made in the territory with a total area of 420 square kilometers. Now we get to work on the field Barsagelmes where seismic exploration 3D will cover 345 square kilometers. Of course, earlier geophysical surveys were conducted here, but time goes, the equipment and the software "evolved" dramatically forward. Besides, it is necessary to perform seismoprospecting works as the 2D method in the territory of "Dardzha", these are 870 running kilometers.

It is known that over the past few years on the field Northern Goturdepe a number of the wells which gave powerful industrial inflows of oil was drilled. At Uzynada Square located in the Caspian region, specialists of the State concern "Turkmennebit" drilled a superdeep well – more than 7 thousand meters where industrial inflow of natural gas was received. In general, all this testifies to the huge capacity of the Turkmen shelf and a coastal zone of the Caspian Sea. The new seismic researches conducted in this region are aimed at search of deep-laying deposits of hydrocarbons. Our task – is to explore a geological structure of a subsoil up to 7 km in depth.

Besides, "Yug-Neftegaz" carries out a complex of works on increase in oil gas recovery of layers, hydrocarbon production intensifications on fields of the western region of Turkmenistan. In particular, it is workover on fields Goturdepe, Barsagelmes, Keymir, South Kamyshlydzha. In six years we made 980 transactions on wells, more than 1,7 million tons of oil as a result in addition have been received.

In the company more than 600 Turkmen specialists work. We highly appreciate competence of our employees, their wide practical experience of the oil and gas industry.