2-3 November, 2017
22nd International Conference
"Oil & Gas Turkmenistan - OGT 2017"  

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Conference Hall of the Chamber of
Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan


28 December 2017

The Concept of development of the gas industry of Turkmenistan

Specialists of the research Institute of natural gas, state concern "Turkmengas", relying on approved by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov the Program of development of the oil and gas industry for the period up to 2030, developed the scientific Concept of development of the gas industry of Turkmenistan. Of its key tasks was the Director of the research Institute of natural gas, candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences Mohammednur Halilov:

- As is known, Turkmenistan is among the countries that possess significant hydrocarbon reserves, mostly natural gas. The concept of gas industry development in the country aimed at energy security and economic efficiency. Its purpose is based on geological regularities of distribution of hydrocarbon accumulations, conducting oil and razorswitch is to provide translation of the newly discovered deposits on the state balance.

The concept justifies the extraction of hydrocarbonic raw materials in required volumes and quality, including incidentally discovered minerals, processing and sales of natural gas both domestic and foreign markets. It takes into account existing and anticipated to conclude contracts with specified volumes of gas export, as well as full satisfaction of domestic demand, the increasing production of processed natural gas.

Among the most important aspects is to diversify the structure of economy due to growth of gas extraction and processing through the introduction of technological innovations.

To replenish the raw material base of mining and processing industries of the country for the period till 2030, the Institute provides scientific support carried out by the State Corporation "Turkmengeology" seismic (2D, 3D) methods and exploration drilling with the aim of finding new oil and gas fields: gas in the Eastern gas and passing oil in the Central division, and oil - in the Western regions of Turkmenistan.

Planned volumes of gas production are currently supported mainly by fields Galkynysh, Dovletabad, Malay, 10 years of Independence, Elgui, Bagadja, Gyzlydepe, Kerpedje, Nebitlije, Akpatlavuk, Chekishler and within the contractual territory Bagtyyarlyk, as well as in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian sea.

In the future, to ensure consumers of natural gas in the external and domestic markets is planned the commissioning of new and upgrading of old fields and the development of promising oil and gas regions, including the Turkmen shelf of the Caspian sea.

While the main focus will be on the search for sulphur-free gas and deposits of liquid hydrocarbons (oil and condensate). Gas field with low energy potential in subsequent it is planned to use in the domestic market.

Along with the development of new fields will require the creation of appropriate industrial infrastructure for producing, processing and transporting gas. A prerequisite is that the technology used in the new gas industry must meet high environmental requirements. The concept defines the mode of introduction of energy saving technologies, reflected the objective of improving organisational structures, training and retraining of specialists and others.

Created in Turkmenistan mixed system of existing and projected gas pipelines such as the Turkmenistan-China, Turkmenistan-Iran, the TAPI, the regional gas pipeline "East-West" should be considered as strategically important pipeline infrastructure for export of Turkmen natural gas. It is planned to work on new routes of transportation of natural gas.

In addition to the sale of natural gas includes the production of liquefied and compressed gas. On the basis of the feasibility study will be used two ways of transporting: pipelines and the other part - in the form of liquefied and compressed gas in tankers.

The concept covers the relevant aspects of the implementation of natural gas in the domestic market is the transfer of vehicles, tractors and other vehicles, consisting of the balance of enterprises of the State concern "Turkmengas", the use of compressed gas as a fuel. In the future it will be used at the enterprises of oil and gas and other sectors of the economy.

It is expected that in near future there will be fundamental changes in the structure of the petrochemical market due to the fact that instead of traditional petrochemical products (olefins, arenas, ultimate compound) will come technology processing of natural gas.

As our country possesses the richest reserves of gas, the introduction of new technologies for processing and modern equipment will produce polyvinylchloride, will be able to establish production of caustic soda, polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate and other materials.

Diversification of the petrochemical industry will boost growth in the production of such energy-efficient types, like synthetic liquid fuels, plastic products, synthetic rubber and fibers, construction and building materials, as well as some others.

Priority directions of scientific-technical works: create a Bank of information and development, broad international experience and introduction of innovations, improvement of professional level of specialists, integration of science, education and production.

Thus, the solution envisaged by the concept of tasks of development of the gas industry of Turkmenistan will contribute to the strengthening of the economic power and innovative development of the country.